About Kristina

About Kristina Lentz, Energy Healer

Energy HealerKristina LentzI have been a gifted and practicing intuitive, psychic and energy healer for over thirty years, honing my skills with spiritual teachers and psychic trainers. I have the ability to shift people away from being stuck and help them transform their lives and consciousness.

Through my spiritual healings and readings, I remove blockages that enable my clients to expand their businesses and prosperity, improve their relationships and sex lives, become healthier, lose weight and be happier and more loving to themselves and others.

Kristina Lentz is a Hands-on Healer

As a child, I explored the world through my hands and became quite kinesthetic. I discovered that I loved art and working with my hands. I studied art in college, which opened my hand chakras, laying the foundation for my becoming a hands-on healer later in life. While at college, I had my first experience of precognition, or seeing the future. I was supposed to go out with friends one evening but I declined, feeling that my mother was going to call me to tell me that my grandfather had died. She called me that night with the very sad news.

In my early 20’s, I attended the Werner Erhardt Training and had my first experience in reading a person. I was given a name and asked to describe that person, their character and what their body looked liked. I was amazed at my ability to perceive them so well. “Where did that knowledge come from?” I asked myself. My quest led me to the Berkeley Psychic Institute, where I became a professional reader.

Body Work and Spiritual Healing

For the past twenty-two years, I have been a body worker and massage therapist, focusing on the structural alignment and physical rehabilitation of the body. I often incorporate my hands-on bodywork into my spiritual healings with Reiki, Jin Shin Jytsu, chakra and aura healing, magnetic healing and radiatory healing.

I look forward to expanding my practice and sharing my gifts though psychic readings and hands-on-healings. I am incorporating more into my practice to live up to my commitment to spirit so people can have more love and wellness in their life and expand into higher states of consciousness.

Please call me, Kristina Lentz, at: (415) 518-3670 for your spiritual healing session.