Getting Started

How to Get Started with Energy Healing

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How to Get Started with Energy HealingEnergy Healing Sessions:

I offer a complimentary 10-minute consultation to explore whether a Clearlight Healing Session might be of benefit to you.

Energy healing sessions are offered by phone or in my office. They are ½ hour or an hour in length. All sessions involve an intuitive reading and energetic healing.

Healing sessions can also be combined in my office with structural bodywork and massage. I have been doing bodywork and massage for more than twenty years, and I specialize in treating injury and pain of all kinds, from repetitive stress injury to chronic back and neck pain. Please visit my website at www.beyond-massage for more information.

Spiritual Development Coaching:

I offer ongoing spiritual development coaching by phone, either weekly or bi-monthly. In my spiritual development coaching sessions, I use my intuition to help clients get clear on what is going on in their current life and teach tools on how to clear themselves, be grounded and centered, how to open their heart and be more loving to themselves and others and how to align and open to their soul’s wisdom.

Please call me, Kristina Lentz, at: (415) 518-3670 for your energy healing or spiritual coaching consultation.