Clearlight Healing Sessions

Clearlight Healing SessionsThe mind can lie to us but energy will not. Knowing what is happening to us on an energy level allows us to proceed in the right direction in our lives. It helps us shift and transform negative, stuck states into positive ones, heal our wounds and relationships and expand into higher states of consciousness.

Psychic Readings and Energy Healing Offered In Person or by Phone

My purpose in every Clearlight Healings session is to present the client with the truth of an issue and offer them an expanded picture of what is happening. Often, I will see clear images of things that are happening or may happen in the future. Sometimes the information comes to me directly as knowingness from the Divine. I will describe to the client in general terms what I see happening in the person’s energy field. Then, I let the person ask me for specific information, such as, “Does it look like I will get the promotion? Why won’t my child behave? Is there something I should be concerned about my health”? Why do I keep attracting the wrong partners for me? Am I on the right career path? What is my mission in life?”

I offer psychic readings and energy healing in person or by phone. Many times readings turn into healings, during which I do hands-on work with the energy centers and blockages in the body. My hands-on work can include: Reiki, Jin Shin Jytsu, chakra healing, aura healing, magnetic healing and radiatory healing.

Benefits of Psychic Readings And Healings

The benefits of my readings and healings are many. I present an expanded, accurate view of what is happening in the client’s life so that they can move forward with certainty in a direction that serves them. Psychic readings will sometimes validate what the client thinks may be happening in their life, or they may reveal the opposite of what the client thinks is happening. Shifts in energy and consciousness occur as a result of the reading and the client becomes more aware of their soul or higher self and open to more direct guidance from their soul. Long held patterns and blockages may disappear, allowing the client more freedom, aliveness, love, abundance and prosperity in their lives.

Please call me, Kristina Lentz, at: (415) 518-3670 for your psychic reading or energy healing session.