Change Your Energy and Change Your Reality

“Kristina is an extraordinary reader and counselor. She is clear and has the ability to look at all aspects of life (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and see the whole person, which is rare. With her assistance, healing, energy guidance and meditations, I have been able to move many stuck pictures, people and limiting thoughts out of my body and energy field. I love going home and continuing to work on issues with the tools that she provides. I highly recommend readings with Kristina if you want to get to the core and then soar in your life”

- Eileen Duhne, public relations

Everything in the universe is energy and, at its most basic level, so are human beings. We are surrounded and influenced by energy, which can make us happy or sad, healthy or sick, a success or failure, wealthy or poor. Our reality is created by our thoughts, emotions, actions and beliefs, which are all composed of energy. Energy healing is a re-direction of the energy that is in us or around us. It can promote healing and balance in our lives because when we change our energy, we change our reality.

The benefits of my energy healing work include: better health, more income and prosperity, better relationships, increase and ease in intimacy, a greater connection with one’s higher self and the Divine, tools to navigate the issues of modern life and tools for spiritual development.

Reiki, Jin Shin Jytsu and Chakra Healing

I use a combination of methods in my energy healing to help a person achieve balance and wellness, including: Reiki (where universal energy is directed through my hands onto a person’s body), Jin Shin Jytsu (an acupressure flow system to create or correct energy circuits in the body and to unblock the main energy gates in the body), chakra and aura healing (done through the hands and eyes to promote the correct flow of energy in the energy centers and energy field of the body), magnetic healing (a direction of energy through the hands from the soul to remove blocks and restore balance) and radiatory healing (energy that is directed from the person’s soul group to promote healing.)

Thirty Years Of Healing Experience

I bring thirty years of experience and professional training to my intuitive readings and healings. What makes me unique and valuable as a healer, reader, counselor and teacher is my constant work on opening and clearing my energy centers and energy field so that I can be a clear conduit of energy from the Divine or source. I have studied with many psychics, healers, and teachers, and I have incorporated their wisdom into my work, including: EST, the Berkeley

Psychic Institute, Corelight Spiritual training, Miracle of Love, Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagu lineage, tantra studies and more.

Please call me, Kristina Lentz, at: (415) 518-3670 for your energy healing session.

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